Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sexy Mama Anti-Shine, Translucent Powder by the Balm

My quest for a good translucent powder has been on since I found out how essential it is for setting foundation and concealer to keep your makeup in place for hours without it smearing or disappearing from your face.Honestly speaking I hadn't heard much about sexy mama translucent powder by the Balm cosmetics but when I was being sent this product by "Glamour Galleria" I was glad to try it out and share my experience with you beauties so without any further delay lets cut to the chase!

The Balm Cosmetics have always out done themselves on the packaging of their products. Not only are they are known for their uniqueness but each of their product has a fascinating theme to it and this adorable product is no different.Sexy Mama Translucent powder comes in a rectangular thin cardboard packaging with the small book like compact sliding out from the ends of it's cover.The image printed on the  front cover screams 50's sexy mama the queen of glam Marilyn Monroe with the product name , the Balm logo and the net weight of product printed on it in black color.

The print at the back side of the packaging consists of Ingredients, scan code for video tutorial , address for the balm cosmetics ,bar code of the product along with the warnings about this powder.
Once you slide out little book out of its cover, the rectangular compact made out of heavy duty cardboard with the exact same image and product details printed on front and back similar to the outer cover is a vision for sore eyes.

 Once opened, the adorable little compact has a high quality mirror attached on inner side in the most loveliest tea pink color and the other side is embedded with the powder in its pan in silver cardboard with the Sexy mama and the Balm logo printed on it's side.The Casing has magnets inside, which makes it easier to open and close the compact.These magnets keep the powder inside safe and sealed.
Over all packaging of this product is light weight but safe and not to forget super cute, we couldn't be more in love.

Net Weight :
Net weight of this product is 7.08 g / poids net wt. 0.25 Oz

Color and Texture :

The powder is beige-cream in color with visible specks of shimmer in it but once applied on face is completely transparent and matte .The powder has a lovely smooth texture to it which blends right away and in no way creases or sets into fine lines.Even though I applied it generously on top of my foundation it did not give a cake-y look at all and felt very light on my face. The powder is completely matte and tiny oil absorbing spheres keep your face oil free throughout and your face remains camera ready after hours of it's application.My personal experience with the product has been amazing and has lived up to the Balms claims.I have always been conscious about my under eye area due to dark circles and was afraid that it might make my skin look grey after a while as I had the same issue with other setting powders that I had used in past but boy was I in for a wonderful surprise not only it kept my concealer in place all day long it did not turn grey at all . My under eye area remained bright and well concealed after hours.  I would say it is an amazing product and I am immensely impressed with it's results.The only back draw to this product is that it is not suitable for baking or highlighting like the Laura Mercier loose translucent powder.

Application :
The best way to apply the powder is with a fluffy powder brush. Take some product on the brush and dust it lightly all over your face after applying foundation and concealer for a perfect matte finish.

* Matte
* Transparent
* Long Lasting
* Does not crease or set into fine lines
* Light weight and does not make your face look cake-y
* Affordable
* Reasonable amount of powder present in pan.
* Cute and Unique Packaging
* Smooth Texture
* Blendable
* Attached Mirror
* Can not be used for baking or highlighting


Price :
On the official website of the Balm cosmetics the price of sexy mama is $20 However in Pakistan price varies on online Facebook cosmetics and beauty pages.

If you are looking to buy this product it is available at Glamour Galleria (https://www.facebook.com/GlamourGalleria/?fref=ts) for only Rs 2300 with free Cash on delivery service, Its a very good bargain considering the standard delivery charges on the Balm are $25 for international shipping and not to forget it is every bit worth the price ! Hurry grab it before they run out of stock <3

Our Verdict:
If you are looking for a translucent setting powder that gives u a matte finish with absolutely no shine on your face and to make your foundation last for hours and hours without setting into fine lines and creasing then you should be buying this gorgeous product RIGHT NOW!!! before even finish reading this post :D